Adam Gomez

Like many people in this modern digital world, I am a hyphenated creative. I pride myself on having a unique set of skills that set me apart from most. I have experience in graphic and web design, photography and cinematography and social media management.

Current Work 

Sanford Underground Research Facility





Social Story Telling

Need: A dynamic approach to Instagram and Snapchat stories.

Our social strategy has evolved seeing that more and more users follow brands only in the story and highlight views. We took the approach to putting together a more comprehensive look at events for story use. 

Incorporating video, photo and graphics into the content to give users more insights into what the event looked and felt like.  

Web design

I aim to give clients a clean and user-friendly website. The customer’s experience starts the second the home page loads. They expect  clean and concise information to guide them through the website experience.

GenPro Energy Solutions develops, designs and integrates customized energy solutions for a sustainable future. 

Living Places Design Studio is a Bozeman Montana based architecture design firm. Living Places provides creative solutions to the built environment through planning, building, interior, and furniture design.

Pinpoint PDR is a full-service paintless dent repair company in the Spearfish, SD area. 

Charlie’s is the University of South Dakotas campus and community apparel store. Applying both brick and mortar sales with eCommerce. 

HomeSlice audio is the Black Hills premier podcast group. They bring you weekly content about everything from business to whiskey. Ready to hear it?

Locally owned and operated in the Spearfish Area, Captain clean provides commercial and residential cleaning solutions.


Credit Hour

Need: An outlet for University faculty and staff to explain complex research and campus changes. 

The University of South Dakota struggled with a solution for Faculty and Staff to have an outlet for technical and long-form information.  While the information needs to be promoted and campus constituents are interested , we found that video content did not serve them.

Through research, I discovered not many universities capitalized on podcasting.

We implemented our own university podcast named “Credit Hour” to be a solution for them. In the six months, we had over ten thousand downloads.